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Outdoor products market has a broad prospect

China's outdoor goods market develops rapidly, with 230 outdoor brands and 3,783,543 billion yuan in total annual wholesale and retail sales. according to the estimates of relevant experts, the five years from 2007 to 2012 are the outbreak years of Chinese sports, and China is expected to become the largest outdoor sports market in the world, and the outdoor sports market will also usher in a new golden period of development.
" the Olympic games may not bring direct business opportunities, but its warm wind is enough to bring new weather in outdoor circles. Industry experts analyze that 2007 - 2012 will be the year when Chinese sports broke out, and Qingdao, as the host city of the Olympic sailing competition and a developed coastal city, will usher in a new golden age for the development of outdoor sports market.
From specialization to popularization
" nowadays, outdoor sports is no longer a kind of professional sports, and it has become a way of popular fashion life. And the consumption of outdoor goods has gradually become an important part of household consumption. More and more outdoor sports brands begin to pay attention to the transformation of products from specialization to popularity, which is a development trend of Qingdao outdoor sports market at present. " Huang Lei said.
It is reported that due to the characteristics of outdoor products, especially in outdoor clothing, fashion elements are injected more in design, style, taste and scientific and technological content, many urban white-collar workers and high-income earners are also involved in the consumption trend of outdoor sports products, and the popularity of consumer groups from professional to outdoor-related groups drives the rapid development of outdoor sports products. " nowadays, outdoor sports goods are not limited to professional use, but more accepted by consumers of different ages, classes and occupations, and the characteristics of popularization and life of outdoor sports goods are increasingly obvious. " he said.
Each has its own " Jianghu"
" the emphasis of marketing channels of large brands and small brands are different, so to speak, they have their own" Jianghu ". " outdoor products dealer Huang Lei said when talking about his own sales channels.
Different from the general product sales, outdoor products sales mostly adopt diversified sales modes. besides setting up counters and specialty stores, they communicate the information of outdoor sports products through internet communication and directly conduct online sales. While big brands tend to sell their products mainly through shopping malls counters, brand stores and independent outdoor exclusive stores, and some small dealers engaged in retail business mainly sell their products through online forums, stickers and the like. Reporters learned that there are two main forms of outdoor sports market in Qingdao at present, one is to stick to the professional concept of " small outdoor", such as Qingdao post road outdoor co., ltd., which specializes in rock climbing outdoor, Qingdao trust outdoor club, which specializes in RV outdoor sports, etc. The other is to do the concept of " big outdoor".
It is reported that most major brands now implement one-stop shopping, ranging from professional equipment to related items. " in order to attract more consumers, some domestic brands have not done more articles in technology, but attracted people's attention in style and fashion. Of course, their eyes are still fixed on some products with low technical content. instead of professional climbing equipment, they may produce hats, scarves and the like which are matched with them. these products have advantages in price, so the market prospect is also very good. " he said.
" because outdoor sports are professional sports to some extent, most consumers pay more attention to brands when choosing outdoor sports equipment. Zhou bing said that when engaging in outdoor sports, the professionalism of equipment directly affects the quality of outdoor sports, and the more professional equipment can reduce the risk of engaging in outdoor sports, so some professional brands are still the first choice for consumers to buy products. In addition, outdoor sports projects generally have a relatively stable team, and the team atmosphere and the choices of brands made by people around them are also important factors that affect consumers to buy products. " in fact, when we sell products, we mainly emphasize the functionality of products, because different from ordinary sports products, outdoor sports products have high requirements on functionality. " Zhou bing said.
The potential of 10 billion yuan
" 900 yuan for tents, 300 yuan for sleeping bags, 100 yuan for cushions, 800 yuan for backpacks, 850 yuan for shoes and 200 yuan for medicine cabinets … a total of 8,000 yuan. " camping - loving Cai Xiaoyang recently calculated a detailed account for his own equipment. As a matter of fact, his set of equipment in many " donkeys" view, is only inferior equipment.
According to the data provided by Asia outdoor products exhibition in 2007, the total sales of outdoor sports clothing and equipment in China only reached 100 million yuan five years ago. By 2007, this figure had reached 2.6 billion yuan. Five years ago, there were only more than 400 professional outdoor goods dealers and more than 290 professional outdoor goods stores in China, and by 2007, it had grown to 2,125 and more than 1,500. As people's enthusiasm for outdoor sports is high, the requirements for equipment are higher and higher. Some people in the industry predict that China's " big outdoor" market is on a straight upward trend, and the hidden market will exceed 10 billion yuan.
Great market potential not only attracts more well-known international brands, but also makes domestic brands from scratch, and gradually develops and matures, now accounting for 30 % of the market share. As far as Qingdao market is concerned, brands in other regions at home and abroad are mostly engaged in the sale of outdoor goods, and most outdoor sports clubs still take " enterprise expansion training" as their main profit point. Liu Xin, who trusts outdoor clubs in Qingdao, told reporters that most outdoor sports markets in Qingdao are still concentrated in the collective expansion training of enterprises. According to relevant statistics, there are hundreds of enterprises and more than 30,000 people take part in extended training every year. Therefore, most outdoor sports clubs are grasping this " group market", or operating some professional outdoor sports equipment incidentally.
Reporters learned that in June this year, Qingdao double star group officially announced its involvement in outdoor products, and introduced a series of outdoor sports products with double star climbing. according to reports, double star climbing series created a whole set of outdoor sports equipment, and the types of outdoor products involved mainly included more than 10 kinds of professional outdoor products, such as outdoor mountaineering clothes, punching clothes, ski clothes, fleece - grabbing clothes, quick-drying underwear, hiking shoes, hiking shoes, hiking shoes, outdoor backpacks and the like. Relevant people predict that the birth of " double star climbing the peak" series will break the current competition situation in which international brands and outdoor products in other parts of China are relatively monopolized.